Frankie's Rookie Foodie Rules

New to home cooking?

Need a few basic rules to live by?

Here's my top 5 to get you started.

1. Remember to ALWAYS add a healthy dash of salt to the water pot for your pasta. ALWAYS.

2. Keep your workstation clean! Nothing is worse than a messy chef. Clean as you go to avoid the dreaded sink pile up!

3. Don't be afraid to taste! Some people will not taste the food until it is served. To ensure it tastes great (and to avoid embarrassment), grab a clean spoon each time and taste as you go.

4. Never walk away from the stove. Whether you're heating up the pan or sautéing garlic. This is a major no-no. Not only is it dangerous, but it will likely ruin your meal.

5. Have an open mind. Just because it comes from a box or a can doesn't mean it's bad, you just have to add some character to it.

As recipes keep flowing onto the site, you can bet that I'll be adding to this list! Suggestions are always welcome!